Getting Your Heating System Ready for Winter


Breathe easier this winter with a heating system tuneup. Hiring a qualified professional to check your system before the start of heating season can help improve efficiency, indoor air quality and prolong equipment life. It could also find a problem before it becomes an emergency repair situation. A good heating system tuneup includes:

  • Checking supply air and return air temperatures
  • Testing all electrical wiring for damage
  • Analyzing combustion gases to ensure they fall in the right range
  • Checking that the seal around the blower door is tight
  • Inspecting the blower for debris and cleaning if necessary
  • Examining the heat exchanger for rust or corrosion
  • Testing the burner and flame sensors and cleaning them if necessary
  • Clearing the drains and condensate trap
  • Changing the air filters, because dirt buildup can restrict airflow and reduce system efficiency

Get the most out of your system this heating season. Have it inspected and maintained by a qualified professional and let your staff and your customers enjoy a comfortable building all season long.